Can Birds Eat Popcorn?

putting food in your birdfeeder and watching a variety of birds including sparrows, cardinals, and every bird from the neighborhood come to it to eat and it’s being a hangout for them is a great feeling.

But we always should take care of the food we put in our birdfeeder because not all the species eat the same food so we have to put the commonly eaten food for all the species in our bird feeder to make sure we benefit all the species and we didn’t effect any bird negatively.

Many people in my neighborhood ask me if can birds eat popcorn. So the short answer to this question is yes, birds can eat popcorn but there are exceptions.

Should Birds Eat Popcorn?

Guys, for everyone who wants to provide food for wild birds in their backyard or for your pet birds here are some of the best food choices you can give to your birds and keep them in good health.

  • Nyjer (Thistle) Seeds
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Water
  • Millets
  • Peanuts
  • Nuts
  • Fruits: like Apples, pears, Grapes, siled oranges, and berries
Should Birds Eat Popcorn

Popcorn also can be added to the list I give you above because it is heavy on carbs and there is a low quantity of minerals, vitamins, and proteins. So it should not be the main meal for your birds, your birds need a mix of seeds that provides moderate amounts of components.

If you want to provide your birds with Popcorn, I don’t advise you to give it as a main meal my friend, or to give it every day because it will not be enough for your bird’s needs. the best thing to do is to provide it sometimes like one time in a week.

There are some conditions when you decide to give popcorn to your birds, and the first one, is do not make it salt or buttered, the second one is to provide the unpopped popcorn or popped by air, not oil.

Cooked Popcorn

Cooked Popcorn

Some people bring popcorn packets and they provide them for their birds to eat after cooking it in the microwave, they think it is the same but let me tell you my friend this is not the right case.

the popcorn packets that are poppable in the microwave usually they are full of chemicals and salt with different flavors, including butter flavor but these materials will affect your birds negatively and they are not healthy.

If you want to cook popcorn in the microwave you can bring plain kernels and then pop it by hair using the popcorn machine or you can pop it in the microwave also by using a paper bag.

Risks of Birds Eating Popcorn

Risks of Birds Eating Popcorn

Every food can have risks if consumed a lot or cooked the wrong way, so the risks of eating popcorn lie in the chemicals that are added to it that make it able to cook in the microwave and some other chemicals that give it a different flavor, in addition to butter or large quantities of salt.

So, keep using plain popcorn, and don’t add any chemical ingredients, I know it’s difficult to eat for some birds because of the large size of popcorn kernels. I am here to give you guys the solution, you can break them into small pieces or you can boil them to be easy to eat although it’s large kernels.

There some birds have allergies and they get sick when eating popcorn like some types of ducks, So be careful when you feed your duck or a wild duck because they are very sensitive.

How to Make Popcorn Balls for Birds

How to Make Popcorn Balls for Birds

popcorn balls are healthy and will help your bird for a long life because you will prepare them by yourself and you can control the amounts of ingredients.

In addition, it’s fun for everyone who loves to try to make new things and have good moments with his birds.

Preparing popcorn balls for your pet will help you to know the specific amounts of vitamins, proteins, minerals, and carbs that your bird gets.

Our popcorn balls will be mixed with other seeds to be a complete meal that contains all that your bird health needs.


To prepare a complete snack meal for your pretty bird you can use these ingredients:

Unpopped popcorn kernelsAs needed (for popping)
Peanut butter1/2
Birdseed mix2 to 3 cups
Raisins1/2 cup (optional)
Chopped nuts1/2 cup (optional)
Dried fruit1/2 cup (optional)

When you use these ingredients my friend you will prepare a good and fast meal for your pet but make to use peanut butter with a low quantity, don’t use any other butter and be careful about other ingredients because some people use honey will affect your bird negatively because bird distinctive path is different compared to ours.


After collecting the Ingredients and putting them in front of you in the kitchen here are the instructions you have to follow to reach great results.

  • Popcorn: Pop a small amount of popcorn kernels. Avoid using pre-packaged popcorn with additives like butter or salt. You can air-pop or use a plain stovetop popping method without any oil.
  • Mixing: In a large bowl, mix the popped popcorn with bird seed. You can also add other bird-friendly treats like raisins, chopped nuts, or dried fruit.
  • Binding Agent: Add peanut butter to the mixture. Peanut butter acts as a natural binding agent. Use enough to make the popcorn and birdseed stick together. Ensure that the peanut butter you use is free from xylitol, which is harmful to birds.
  • Forming Balls: With clean hands, form the mixture into small balls or shapes. You can make them as big or small as you like.
  • Cooling: Allow the popcorn balls to cool and firm up. You can place them in the refrigerator for a short time to expedite this process.
  • Hanging or Placing: Once the popcorn balls have set, you can thread a string through them to hang them in your yard or place them on a bird feeder. Alternatively, you can place them directly on a bird feeder tray or platform.


  • Avoid Chemicals: Ensure that all ingredients are free from chemicals, preservatives, and additives.
  • No Salt or Sugar: Birds do not need added salt or sugar, so avoid using any salted popcorn or sugary peanut butter.
  • Be Mindful of Allergens: Some birds may have allergies, so it’s a good idea to observe how they respond to different ingredients.

Attracting Birds With Popcorn

Attracting Birds With Popcorn

How it is beautiful in my backyard when I see birds come to it and it’s a destination for a variety of species, most times I sit in my backyard enjoying the view of birds eating in my birdfeeder and they sing beautiful sounds that make me relax. but how to attract neighborhood birds? and how to make your backyard to be a destination for them.

You can attract birds to come into your backyard by using Popcorn balls, It’s easy after making popcorn balls you can put them in small nets and hang them on tree branches then you will see a variety of species come to it. because birds are attracted to a variety of food and when popcorn balls contain peanut butter it gives it a smile that can attract birds.

Don’t provide only food but provide water also, put a large dish of water because the thing that attracts birds is water more than food as you see many birds near lakes.

I hope my article benefits you and everything was clear.

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